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I/We understand that I/We may submit my application to Fleetwood Industries electronically by clicking "Submit Application" below, or I/We may submit the application by fax or mail. I/We authorize you to make such inquiries regarding the information furnished herein as may be required in connection with the application or in the course of review of any credit extended in reliance on the application. All information set forth in this application is a truthful and accurate representation of facts for the purpose of obtaining the lease financing requested by me/us. If I/We choose to submit this application electronically, I/We acknowledge that Fleetwood Industries is unable to ensure that the data cannot be intercepted by third parties. In submitting this application electronically I/We knowingly and voluntarily agree that Fleetwood Industries will not be held liable in any manner whatsoever should such interception occur. I/we understand that other financial information may be requested in connection with this lease application.

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